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Right Person, Right Role

Right Person, Right Role

Today is a great day! At long last, you have received approval to move forward with a new training project. You've clearly defined the project and you've put a project plan in place; because as we know - great planning up front can save plenty of time later.

You've planned and now it's time to get started. You jump in feet first and ask for volunteers to join the project team. You are gratified at the number of people who want to work on the project and assign tasks as people come on-board. Everyone seems very excited to be on the team and committed to ensuring it is a success.

Flash forward 3 months - the project has stalled, tasks are incomplete, milestones are not being met, and it's a struggle just to get the team to agree on the smallest details. Team members seem to have lost interest or are just unavailable. So what went wrong? You planned it all out, including defined tasks and milestones, and you had a great team of volunteers. or did you? And that was your 'ah ha' moment - perhaps you should have given a little extra time to identifying your project team.

A well organized and systematic approach is crucial when selecting your project team. Start by clearly defining roles, tasks, and expectations.

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