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The complexity of locating, hiring and managing a team of qualified contract trainers, especially on short notice and with a need to cover multiple locations throughout north america can be extremely daunting.
Contract Trainers

TrainingFolks' contract trainer service is a flexible, results-focused training delivery process which allows organizations to quickly plan, manage and deliver instructor-led learning at any location. Through our industry experienced contract trainers, TrainingFolks is able to expedite and simplify the learning process and assist in the execution of new products, services and software.

The strength of the TrainingFolks solution lies in the ability to select contract trainers from hundreds of locations across North America. Again, this benefits our clients substantially by providing them with qualified contract trainers close to their location, reducing travel and accommodation expenses.

TrainingFolks' experienced contract trainers have a background in adult learning and possess excellent subject matter expertise. We provide the most experienced, professional and creative contract trainers and facilitators to help achieve your project objectives as efficiently as possible. In addition, TrainingFolks can manage all centralized scheduling, travel arrangements and billing for your project. Whether you have a need for one contract trainer or a team of 50, TrainingFolks can deliver!

Contract Trainers
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