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How to Maximize Effectiveness When Interviewing Consultants (cont.)

Finding the best combination of interview questions can be tricky at first, but mastery comes with time. Keep in mind that because behavioral questions are so commonly used for interviews, the answers may often be rehearsed, and undesirable experiences omitted. Using probing or hypothetical questions may enlighten you on the consultant's ability to be thrown off course and may reveal more information. In addition, using too many probing questions can appear interrogating to the consultant so choose your moments wisely.

Additionally, take the time to analyze the consultant's emotional reactions to your questions and other interview events, as non-verbal body language reflects upon the candor of the consultant as equally as their verbal responses.

Whether you're looking for a consultant to work their magic or lend an extra hand to your group, take the time to prepare yourself in advance. Understand that interviewing is both an art and a science, and practice makes perfect.

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