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Decisions, Decisions, Decisions... (cont.)

Recognize their contribution:

  •   "Thank-you for your input, Larry. We need to know how each of us feels about this and you've left no doubt where you stand."
  • Ask for one positive aspect of the issue or decision:

  •   "Larry, we see your point. If you look at this a little more objectively, I'm sure you can see at least one or two advantages, too. Tell us what they are."
  • Summarize and put into perspective their background and experience:

  •   "Larry, your 22 years in this industry makes you a valued member of our team. You have had some interesting experiences over that time. Let's talk about some solutions that you may not have already experienced."
  • Don't allow them to disagree disagreeably and invoke team values and ground rules:

  •   "Larry, please do not shout. As a team, we value opposing views but discourage personal attacks on other members of the team."
  • A well organized and systematic approach is a key element in the decision making process and though there is value in having full participation in team decisions, but it may not be required on every occasion. Whatever the type of decision making is used, the most important thing is to make a decision!

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