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Decisions, Decisions, Decisions... (cont.)

Majority vote decisions are important when the situation requires a quick decision but does not have significant impact. For example, the majority vote decision is often the most practical and fastest way to agree on a team meeting date.
Pros: Use when time is short, decision isn't critical, universal agreement is not required.
Cons: May not get everyone's buy in.

Team leader decisions are used when a decision needs to be made quickly and may have significant impact on the outcome. For example, the leader may decide the priority of a project or budget expenditures.
Pros: Team leader is accountable for the decision and outcome and decisions can be made quickly.
Cons: Team leader is accountable for the decision and outcome and may not have 'buy-in' from the team.

It is not unusual for teams to try different methods of decision making depending on the job at hand. There will be times when teams have dissenters or devil's-advocates. While they can provide a healthy balance to keep everyone from charging off too fast, they can also be disruptive.

To avoid disruptive behavior without ending their participation and input, channel their personalities and attitudes constructively. There are several ways this can be done. Choose the one that best fits the situation.

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