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The Strategic Benefits of Customized eLearning Solutions for Retail Sales

The Strategic Benefits of Customized eLearning Solutions for Retail Sales

Like every retailer, you pride yourself on enhancing customer satisfaction while taking care of your employees and perpetuating your brand. What if you could deliver this exact message through eLearning? You certainly could, but it's a tough sell without any references to your organization's name, culture, or values. What about a custom eLearning solution? That could work, but aren't they costly?

The truth is that the long-term savings of customized eLearning far outweigh the rather intimidating and misunderstood costs associated with the initial investment. But more importantly, customized eLearning is strategic.

Custom eLearning will address the industry-specific concerns that retailers face, such as inconsistent training delivery, a geographically-dispersed staff, and high turnover rates. Think of custom eLearning as the catalyst for organizational strategy, rather than a liability. It's the vehicle used to inject value from proposition and accelerate employee buy-in. As opposed to an off-the-shelf solution, the learning is designed from the bottom up; specific industry challenges can be taken into account during all development stages and the program can be implemented to alleviate them. More significantly, the return of investment can be measured quantitatively, and in the end, employees are trained 'your way, not just anyway.'

How Custom eLearning Can Maximize a Retailer's ROI:

Motivation Takes Flight - A custom eLearning solution reaffirms strategic goals by eliciting the behaviours necessary to achieve them. Retailers can develop valuable interactive exercises and work-related examples to accompany blended learning and practical in-store experiences, while increasing motivation and sending a message to employees that they matter.

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