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Visualize Through Storyboarding

Visualize Through Storyboarding

Previously, in our Design Before Development article, we wrote about the importance of having a good design plan in place before jumping into development to ensure the success of a training project. For an eLearning course, part of that plan should always include the creation of a visual storyboard. A great storyboard will save time, money and avoid clients being surprised or disappointed by the end results. A visual storyboard is, in essence, a bridge between what is envisioned and what will be.

Imagine that you've just bought a house and your friends come for their first visit. You've been telling them all about your new home; the size, the rooms, the colors you've painted the walls. So when they finally arrive, you hear the words 'Oh - that's not at all what I imagined!' They pictured pale blue walls, not the deep blue they actually are. You did say you had painted the walls blue; you just never thought to say what shade of blue. Considering your main communication up to this point had been through telephone conversations and emails - it really shouldn't come as a surprise that it wasn't what they envisioned.

That brings us back to the eLearning world. If you don't specify what 'shade of blue' you are intending to use, your client might be surprised when it comes to the final deliverable. A great storyboard can cover your 'shades of blue' but also communicate much, much more.

Storyboards provide us with a means to correspond with the clients and approvers, subject matter experts and with developers. We may use it as a means to collect, organize and review content, provide visuals, give instructions, explain animations, and write narration.

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