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Making Compliance Training Meaningful

Making Compliance Training Meaningful

Selling compliance training to your employees is a strategic maneuver. Rather than a necessary evil, think of a compliance training program as an opportunity for you to further perpetuate your organization's core values and culture. Link customer satisfaction or brand stewardship to the behaviors of compliance, rather than focusing on the policy clauses and maintaining controls.

When determining the design of a compliance training program, take into account the following key considerations:

Audience - Consider the various people in your workforce: the geographic distribution, work schedules, education levels, diversity, organizational structure and internal motivations of all employees who will participate in the program. Take into consideration the various communication preferences of those in different generations who work together, including the frequency and method of communication and participatory involvement tolerated by each generation.

Provide Choice - Consider what combinations of learning approaches will allow you to appeal to those with varying learning styles and education levels simultaneously in a situation that would otherwise seem restrictive. How technically savvy are your employees? Do they prefer to learn on their own or work in groups?

Sustainability - To ensure that your program saves you time and money, choose the combination of output formats that will allow you to update your program as policies and statutes are modified in real time.

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