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Developing Training to Encourage Brand Stewardship

Developing Training to Encourage Brand Stewardship

Your organization is currently giving its brand a facelift. Customer service has become a priority and you are required to ensure that all employees protect the brand they represent. How do you ensure that all employees buy into the new philosophy and remain accountable for their actions on the job?

To ensure that your employees become stewards of your brand, provide them with regular and consistent training towards the brand philosophy. Think of training as the tool used to facilitate branding buy-in. The learning will provide them with the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to perpetuate your brand while on the job.

When injecting brand stewardship into a training program, take the following items into consideration:

Your Employees - Take a moment to analyze your workforce demographics and your organizational structure. The mix of age, gender, culture and geography, as well as the work environment will influence how you train your employees. Various generations and cultures learn and value branding differently. If the organization has employees in more than one region, language and cultural norms will need to be consolidated through the training program to reflect the language of the brand, and regional learning considerations will also need to be taken into account in the training design.

Course Content - When creating the training program, the look, feel and language will need to be carefully crafted towards the branding philosophy. The use of catchphrases, logos and color schemes is paramount, and the learning objectives will need to be carefully crafted to link desired behaviors directly to the brand while complimenting internal branding documentation. The language and images of the brand can be incorporated into the learning materials, and the desired actions of the employees can be reinforced through guided learning, with clear explanations of how their actions will steward the brand.

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